Rome – the Italian capital of the Lazio region is home to some of the most important cultural and historical events, buildings, movements and cooking in all of Europe. The region’s cuisine is steeped in history, however Rome trumps the rest of the area with its famous pasta dishes, traditional meat cookery and world-famous restaurants. What you may not know is that Italians, particularly in the region of Lazio, have always been “nose to tail” eaters—with specialty off-cuts a regular part of the Italian diet. Even today, this approach remains the foundation behind traditional trattoria menus throughout Rome and Lazio.

Join Chef Michael Angeloni as he takes you on a food tour through this wonderful region. Imagine medieval hilltop villages (known as borghi) and rolling fertile hills producing fantastic wine, fruit and vegetables – beauty for both the eyes and spirit. Come dine and dream with us on this Rome discovery – a not to be missed supper club affair!

What's Included

  • Welcome Appetizer
  • Complimentary Glass of Sparkling Wine
  • Intro into Lazio & Rome + Fun Facts
  • 3 Course Dinner
  • Explore and Taste Traditional Dishes and Ingredients
  • Wine & Alcohol Available for Purchase
  • All guests planning to consume alcohol must be able to produce valid government-issued identification to prove they are 19 or older.
  • Allergy Alert – We request that you inform us, at the time of registration checkout, of any dietary restrictions that may be in conflict with the menu listed in this class description. Although we make every effort to accommodate guests with allergies, we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contamination. Please refer to our Allergy Policy for more information.